The Supervet

Series 3 - Episode 4



“Biology will always humble you, confound you, make you angry and frustrated,” says Noel Fitzpatrick before gazing at his latest surgical success and adding, “but every now and then… there is a fantastic ray of sunshine!”

Among his veterinary challenges this week are a deerhound with a broken neck and a cat with extensive damage to his back legs and pelvis. Unfortunately, Noel’s already exhausted after operating for 11 hours, so he first has to use an unusual trick to wake up his brain.

Even more unorthodox, wake-up calls come from the cat that uses Noel’s hand as a toilet and a dog that tries to bite him in the groin.


Micha and Crispin's beloved Bengal cat Loki has been hit by a car, while Faberge, an elderly Chinese crested dog with a fabulous wardrobe, is brought in by owners Julie and Suzanne after suffering seizures. Noel Fitzpatrick and the team also meet a deerhound called Willow, who has broken her neck, and with a high-risk operation to consider, her owners must decide whether to proceed.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Alex Sutherland