The Truth About Fat

The Truth About Fat

Series 1



Another brisk, eye-opening tour of food science from BBC2. Tonight: why eating fat is good for you. Yes, I’m oversimplifying, but the main message here, courtesy of presenter Dr Saleyha Ahsan, is that fat belongs in our diet, it’s not the enemy. It’s a vital nutrient and plays a key role in health. Stripping it out of our eating habits (as an experimental group does here) causes all sorts of problems.

More surprising is the material about the best way to burn more fat and an intriguing diversion on omega 3: we know it’s in fish like salmon, but where do they get it from? Answer: microscopic algae, AKA seaweed. We meet a woman who is farming the algae and a man feeding it to his cows.


It has long been believed that eating fat is unhealthy. But is it really as bad as people think? With recent headlines casting doubts on such fears, medic Saleyha Ahsan aims to cut through the confusion. She reveals startling new research that suggests some saturated fats might actually be good for people's health, invites volunteers to find out what happens to their bodies and minds if they stop eating it entirely, and discovers the fat hidden in seawater that could make the food of the future a lot healthier.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Saleyha Ahsan
Director Matt Ainsworth
Executive Producer Jacqueline Smith
Producer Matt Ainsworth