Caribbean with Simon Reeve

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Caribbean with Simon Reeve

Series 1 - Episode 2



Approach this as you would a Caribbean cruise because, while you get a flavour of each place, you don’t stop long enough to get to grips with the country’s character.

So there are quick stop-offs in wealthy Barbados to see how lionfish are destroying marine life and St Vincent, where marijuana rather than bananas is the preferred crop.

Then Simon Reeve arrives in Venezuela. This does have a very different feel. There’s corruption “from top to bottom”, poverty, violence and a phenomenal trade smuggling petrol (which is laughably cheap here) across the border to Colombia, home to the Earth-loving Kogis, who have an ecological warning for us.


Simon meets the owner of a traditional wooden house in Barbados who has turned down millions of dollars from luxury property developers, then encounters marijuana growers on the volcanic island of St Vincent hoping that the drug will soon be decriminalised. On the South American mainland, Simon examines the mismanagement of Venezuela's natural resources, before crossing into Colombia, where he spends time with the Kogi - an indigenous people who have maintained their traditional forest lifestyle.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Simon Reeve
Director Olly Bootle
Executive Producer Sam Bagnall
Producer Olly Bootle
Series Producer Matt Brandon
Documentary Lifestyle