The Mafia with Trevor McDonald

The Mafia with Trevor McDonald

Series 1 - Episode 1



Trevor McDonald is painfully polite to a bunch of former Mafia mobsters and hitmen. “I’m told that you are an enforcer,” he says to one character, with overpowering good manners and in much the same way as he might say, “I am told you are an architect.”


Maybe such courtliness is why these men have all agreed to speak so openly and easily about their crimes. “This is where I kept all the guns,” says one former hitman turned snitch as he shows McDonald around one of his many homes. “You can’t trust nobody no more,” wails another bloke whose life has been at risk since he sold his Cosa Nostra colleagues down the river in return for a shorter sentence.


The men are a mixture of amorality and rough charm and they are all considerably more likeable than anyone in The Sopranos. But then you remember, they have done terrible, terrible things. 


The broadcaster embarks on an eye-opening journey inside the world of the American Mafia, talking to people who have experienced first-hand the money, glamour and violence of the US's most famous organised crime network. In the first of two programmes, Trevor arrives in New York, where he meets John Alite, a former multimillionaire drug dealer who was also one of the most ruthless Mob killers in modern times. He also talks to Michael `Mikey Scars' DiLeonardo, who became an FBI informant as he faced life in prison.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Trevor McDonald
Series Director Stuart Cabb