Growing Up Wild: Natural World

Growing Up Wild: Natural World

Series 34



There comes a point in all wildlife docs when the baby animals come on screen and everyone goes “Ahh, look!” In that sense, this is a greatest hits package, an assembly of cubs, chicks, kids, calves and pups to melt any heart, in theory.

But like BBC1’s recent “science of cute” film, it feels at times like a slightly too obvious bid for our vote. In the end the least cute creatures here are the most interesting – the naked mole rats, which look like evolution got bored halfway through and forgot to finish them.

But it’s certainly no chore to watch newborn tiger cubs, young polar bears and a sulky teenage gorilla find their way in the world and learn a few harsh life lessons.


For animals growing up is a real adventure, but finding food, avoiding predators and making friends doesn't always come naturally, so they need a little parental guidance to help them learn and hone the skills that will enable them to survive on their own. David Tennant narrates this documentary following the trials and tribulations of young animals all over the world as they prepare to leave home.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Tennant
Producer Sally Thomson
Series Editor Roger Webb