Midsomer Murders

Death of a Hollow Man

Series 1 - Episode 3 Death of a Hollow Man



The rural bliss of Ferne Basset is rudely shattered by the discovery of an elderly resident's body in the river. When Barnaby and Troy descend on the village to ferret out the culprit, they get caught up in simmering backstage rivalries at a local amateur dramatics group that Joyce has recently joined - and the situation grows more sinister when one of the actors is tricked into killing himself in the middle of a performance.

Cast & Crew

DCI Tom Barnaby John Nettles
Sgt Troy Daniel Casey
Rosa Carmichael Sarah Badel
Deirdre Tibbs Janine Duvitski
Harold Winstanley Bernard Hepton
Colin Smy Geoffrey Hutchings
Tim Young Richard Huw
Esslyn Carmichael Nicholas Le Prevost
Doris Winstanley Angela Pleasence
Nicholas Bentley Ed Waters
Avery Phillips Nick Woodeson
Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark
Cully Barnaby Laura Howard
Dr Bullard Barry Jackson
Agnes Gray Denyse Alexander
David Smy Ian Fitzgibbon
Kitty Carmichael Debra Stephenson
Jenny Evers Vivienne Moore
Mr Tibbs John Cater
Mrs Maddox Hilary Crane
Charles Makepeace Robert McIntosh
Peggy Marshall Patricia Heneghan
Emperor Joseph Michael Cronin
Elderly lady Elizabeth Tyrrell
PC Angel Neil Conrich
WPC Hitchens Megan Fisher
TV announcer Eunice Roberts
Becky Smith Sonya Walger
Mr Green Alan Leith
Constable Iain Fraser
Director Jeremy Silberston
Producer Brian True-May
Producer Betty Willingale
Writer Caroline Graham
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