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A Fate Worse Than Death

Series 2 - Episode 7 A Fate Worse Than Death



The enjoyable Grecian yarn is back for a seven-week run, but make the most of Atlantis before it vanishes beneath the waves. Bigwigs have axed the show because they need to “keep increasing the range of BBC1 drama”. Make of that what you will, but the series’ last run, up to Christmas, averaged four million viewers, which, considering it was often up against The X Factor, was an epic achievement for a non-established show.

Anyway, the resumption bursts out of the blocks with snappy storytelling (very short scenes) and a thumping good central twist. You’ll remember that Queen Ariadne had finally given in to the charms of our tousled titan (if they marry, presumably he’ll be Jason King). Deposed Pasiphae (Sarah Parish) is positively frothing about the impending union, and determines to stop it, one way or another...


The fantasy adventure returns having taken a break just before Christmas. News of Ariadne and Jason's wedding plans reaches Pasiphae, who is terrified Atlantis will be lost to her for ever - so she resolves to do all she can to prevent the union, no matter what the cost. However, her pursuit of power has devastating consequences for everyone. Jack Donnelly, Aiysha Hart, Sarah Parish and Mark Addy star.

Cast & Crew

Hercules Mark Addy
The Oracle Juliet Stevenson
Pasiphae Sarah Parish
Jason Jack Donnelly
Pythagoras Robert Emms
Medusa Jemima Rooper
Ariadne Aiysha Hart
Medea Amy Manson
Delmos Emmett J Scanlan
Cilix Lorcan Cranitch
Melas Ken Bones
Goran Peter De Jersey
Lycidas Daniel Easton
Director Lawrence Gough
Executive Producer Julian Murphy
Executive Producer Johnny Capps
Writer Howard Overman
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