Discovering: Audrey Hepburn

Discovering: Audrey Hepburn

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There's an advert I've seen, for chocolate or perfume or some such, in which Audrey Hepburn, reanimated by CGI, floats through one of those Italian lakes fantasies we use as a shorthand for glamour. It's horrifying, a blurred puppet show that makes you shudder. But that's the danger of being iconic: your face can be adopted and used for anything.

Hepburn wasn't a poster on your wall in university. She was a real person who overcame enormous hardships in wartime Europe, won an Emmy, Tony, Grammy and Oscar, then became a champion for children everywhere. This documentary reveals a little bit of the person behind the massive sunglasses, with experts discussing her cultural impact. Just stop calling her iconic. She was better than that.


A look at the life and career of fashion icon, philanthropist and actress Audrey Hepburn, who starred in films including Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady.