The Mystery of Murder: A Horizon Guide

The Mystery of Murder: A Horizon Guide

Series 51

Fri 30 Nov 9pm - 10pm London Live
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Sat 1 Dec, 4am - 5am London Live


What is it about murder that we find so endlessly fascinating? Dr Michael Mosley takes a break from teaching us how to live healthier lives to explore what triggers certain people to end the lives of others. Trawling the archives gives him numerous American case studies, all chilling; equally disturbing is the old footage of both animal and human experimentation, from an era before the brain scan showed how changes in both the amygdala and the pre-frontal cortex can trigger lethal attacks.

Of course, why someone chooses to murder is as complex as the means taken. Genetics and childhood trauma can also play a key role. Pity the scientist who discovered his own potential to become a killer…


Michael Mosley uses footage from the BBC archives to chart scientists' progress as they looked at the mind of a murderer in an attempt to understand why people commit such crimes, asking whether they are driven to it by circumstances or are simply born to kill.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dr Michael Mosley
Director Davina Bristow
Executive Producer Jonathan Renouf
Producer Davina Bristow
Documentary Science