Arthur & George

Arthur & George

Series 1 - Episode 2



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s redoubtable factotum, Alfred “Woodie” Wood, has to remind his boss that they aren’t in the midst of a Sherlock Holmes story; the hunt for whoever is bringing fear to an Anglo-Indian family is very real.

The pair have taken up the case of George Edalji (Arsher Ali), the victim of a possible miscarriage of justice, jailed for mutilating a horse. But as Woodie and Arthur dig further into the family’s background, they find themselves enmeshed in a bloody campaign of hatred and harrassment.

As Arthur (Martin Clunes) annoys the local police by re-investigating the case, Woodie (Charles Edwards) is worried that his boss’s interference is bringing danger to a lot of people.


After the escape of their late-night assailant, Arthur, Woodie and the Edaljis are surprised by the arrival of George at the vicarage. His boots are covered in mud, which leads Woodie to suspect he is the Wyrley Ripper after all, but Arthur is not convinced, believing the young solicitor is the victim of racial prejudice - and possibly police corruption. Feathers are ruffled as the novelist visits the officers who investigated the case, and soon after, another recipient of the poison-pen letters, the local blacksmith, is killed in his home.

Cast & Crew

Arthur Conan Doyle Martin Clunes
George Edalji Arsher Ali
Alfred `Woodie' Wood Charles Edwards
Rev Shapurji Edalji Art Malik
Jean Leckie Hattie Morahan
Charlotte Edalji Emma Fielding
Harry Bostock Ciaran Owens
Insp Campbell Alan McKenna
Sgt Upton Conleth Hill
Dr Butter John Hollingworth
Chief Const Anson Matthew Marsh
Maud Edalji Pearl Chanda
Connie Hilary Maclean
Ernest `Willie' Hornung Timothy Watson
Young George Aaron Chawla
Young Harry Lewis Crossland
Fred Brookes Dean Ashton
Young Fred Brookes Alexander Aze
John Greatorex Michael Hadley
Robert Greatorex Matthew Wilson
Miriam Bostock Sonia Ritter
Speck Lewis Kempster
Hugo Marshall Timothy Walker
Hayden Price Simon Meacock
John Bostock Nicholas Chambers
Director Stuart Orme
Producer Philippa Braithwaite
Producer Trevor Hopkins
Writer Ed Whitmore
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