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The Prodigal Father

Series 2 - Episode 8 The Prodigal Father



Surprise, surprise! Porthos arrives at an imposing country pile, where the gates are locked and an angry young man is bullwhipping maids in the front garden. But our man’s business is inside, where his long-lost father awaits. As so often with family reunions, secrets are stirred up and before you can say “hearthside punch-up”, the other musketeers have drawn their swords and are trotting purposefully into action. For a brooding Porthos, revelations about his past mean choosing between the musketeer clan and his real relatives. Has Treville been lying to him all along? Is this the end of all for one and all that?

Back in the city, Constance confronts a romantic dilemma with, as usual, the earthy pluck of a Jane Austen heroine. More seriously, the reedy Bond-villain whine of evil schemer Rochefort (Marc Warren) has gone up a semitone, which the rest of Paris should know to treat as an alarm bell.


Porthos demands answers from his new-found family after uncovering the shocking truth about his parentage. As he learns more secrets about his past, he begins to question his allegiance to the Musketeers - who in turn harbour suspicions of their own as they process the revelations in their friend's life. Can d'Artagnan and his comrades save Porthos from the dangerous route he seems to be headed down, and can they even be certain of where his loyalties lie? Swashbuckling adventure, starring Howard Charles and Luke Pasqualino.

Cast & Crew

Athos Tom Burke
Aramis Santiago Cabrera
Porthos Howard Charles
Queen Anne Alexandra Dowling
King Louis Ryan Gage
Constance Tamla Kari
Milady Maimie McCoy
D'Artagnan Luke Pasqualino
Treville Hugo Speer
Rochefort Marc Warren
Camille Phoebe Dynevor
Martine Ellie Bamber
Levesque Steven Cree
Belgard Liam Cunningham
Eleanor Emma Hamilton
Lemay Ed Stoppard
Town house servant Ben Addis
Young girl Amanda Wass
Director Edward Bennett
Producer Colin Wratten
Writer Adrian Hodges
Writer Susie Conklin
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