Dara and Ed's Great Big Adventure

Costa Rica to Panama

Series 1 - Episode 3 Costa Rica to Panama



Passing through Costa Rica our double act decide it’s the pick of the Central American republics they have driven through. Literacy is high. No army since 1948. And officially the happiest country in the world. It is, they decide, the Ireland of Central America.

But this love affair doesn’t last. When they come to the border to leave Costa Rica they discover their worst bureaucracy yet – which leads to a rare scene that feels real, edgy and unstaged, as Dara O Briain grows increasingly cheesed off with the ludicrous demands of the customs post. Elsewhere on their trip there’s the Panama Canal (it’s big), an indigenous tribe and Ed tickles Dara while he’s driving.


Ed Byrne and Dara O Briain travel south through the Costa Rican mountains, where they learn how to herd cattle on horseback at a ranch before visiting an animal rehabilitation centre. They then explore the capital San Jose on election day before driving over the Cerro de la Muerte - which translates as the Mountain of Death. They then cross into Panama and experience the wonders of the world-famous canal linking the Atlantic to the Pacific, before heading to their final destination at the town of Yaviza, where the Pan-American highway comes to an end.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Ed Byrne
Presenter Dara O Briain
Executive Producer Fiona Caldwell
Series Director Leo Burley
Series Producer Leo Burley