Immigration Street

Immigration Street


From the makers of Benefits Street… these words are loaded with controversy and ill-feeling. Cameras have been sent to Derby Road in Southampton, where the majority of residents were not born in the UK. Will the resulting documentary pander to people who think migrants are stealing our country away, or will it present a picture of the imperfect but hopeful multiculturalism that many locals say is the reality? Those concerned about the area’s portrayal made their voices heard during filming, convincing several participants to withdraw.

The programme – a one-off instead of the originally planned series - will certainly prompt debate, but that debate will be mostly about the angle the programme itself chooses to take.


One-off documentary capturing life on an ethnically diverse street in Southampton. Known locally as `The Jungle', Derby Road has been changed significantly over the years by different waves of immigration and settlement. This follow-up to Benefits Street explores one of the most fiercely debated and divisive issues in Britain today, as it documents the experiences of the production team and the contributors, who encountered local opposition and, in some cases, intimidation.