The Supervet

Series 3 - Episode 3



You only have to watch him at work in the operating theatre to know that Noel Fitzpatrick is the closest thing you can get to a miracle worker. Even if a surgical procedure has never been done before, he'll do his best but sometimes, sadly, even he fails. “Things can go dramatically wrong in five to ten seconds,” he explains.

However, sometimes it's simply too cruel to put the animals through such intensive, lengthy surgery and so we are warned, before poodles Diamond and Sweetie, tiny kitten Hopity and German shepherd Dandi are brought in to the clinic, that one of them isn't going to survive. It's heartbreaking.


A poodle called Diamond has been referred for a total hip replacement, and another, with the same owner, needs a new knee. Noel Fitzpatrick operates on both dogs on the same day, and doesn't finish until 3am. Hopity, a 12-week-old Balinese kitten, has a deformity on one of her back legs, which she could end up losing, while the operation itself is a huge risk. Hazell has brought in Dandi, a five month-old German shepherd who is lame in both front legs.

Cast & Crew

Contributor Noel Fitzpatrick
Executive Producer Alex Sutherland