Ordinary Lies

Series 1 - Episode 1



Those of us who remember workplace dramas like Clocking Off and Making Out will feel at home here. The idea is to interweave stories of people who work together – in this case, at a car dealer’s – but who little suspect each other’s secrets.

Writer Danny Brocklehurst (who worked on Clocking Off) begins with rumpled salesman Marty (Jason Manford), a midlife loser with money worries and a fraying marriage. When his boss (Max Beesley) gives him a final warning and his job is on the line, Marty can’t help spinning an over-the-top lie to save his bacon, a lie that works rather too well on colleagues.

You may feel Marty’s ruse feels like something out of a sitcom: if we take what he’s doing seriously, he’s more than a big mouth – he’s a real scumbag. In future episodes, his co-workers will come into focus, and it’s a heck of a cast, but at this stage the series feels like something on Marty’s forecourt: a luxury model with not quite enough under the bonnet.


Ensemble drama following the workers at a car showroom, revealing what happens when moments of desperation lead some of them into telling big lies - spur-of-the-moment deceptions that quickly spiral out of control. The first episode focuses on salesman Marty, played by Jason Manford, who is on his final warning for being late - so when he sleeps through his alarm after a heavy night of drinking, he panics and comes up with a drastic excuse. His colleagues are all sympathetic - but now he has to live with the lie that his wife is dead. Max Beesley, Jo Joyner, Mackenzie Crook and Michelle Keegan co-star.

Cast & Crew

Mike Max Beesley
Beth Jo Joyner
Marty Jason Manford
Tracy Michelle Keegan
Pete Mackenzie Crook
Kathy Sally Lindsay
Fat Jason George Bukhari
Grace Rebecca Callard
Marianne Manjinder Virk
Emma Cat Simmons
Viv Cherrelle Skeete
Ziggy Fisayo Akinade
Rick Shazad Latif
Jez Kris Mochrie
Katrina Erin Shanagher
Jake Xander Rundle
Joe Kamerson Cowan
Jessie Bethany Thompson
Postman Phil Zariah Bailey
George Hagan Jeff Alexander
Young lad Theo Graham
Director John McKay
Executive Producer Nicola Shindler
Executive Producer Danny Brocklehurst
Producer Tom Sherry
Writer Danny Brocklehurst
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