The Big Painting Challenge

Human Form & Movement

Series 1 - Episode 4 Human Form & Movement



Challenged to paint a (nearly nude) male model, most of the amateur artists put their foot in it. Or, to be more precise, they don’t. And leaving out the feet in a life drawing gets heavily criticised by the judges because the figure isn’t “anchored”.

Feet are the least of their problems in the next challenges – a quick sketch of a moving figure and a dramatic portrait of flamenco dancers. “This is torture,” cries one artist, while Daphne Todd says another has “killed her painting” and admits she snorted with laughter at someone else’s piece. Painting doesn’t get tougher than this.


Una Stubbs and Richard Bacon present the art competition from Tate Britain on the banks of the Thames, where the remaining amateurs focus on the human form for their next three challenges. As they arrive, they are greeted by two semi-naked men, setting the tone for the first task in which they make anatomically correct life drawings. This is followed by the seemingly impossible task of sketching a rhythmic gymnast and her flickering ribbon, followed by the final challenge - a flamenco dance captured in chalk and pastel.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Una Stubbs
Presenter Richard Bacon
Judge Lachlan Goudie
Judge Daphne Todd
Executive Producer Claire Nosworthy
Executive Producer Colm Martin
Series Producer Rob Clifford
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