Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Halloween II

Series 2 - Episode 4 Halloween II



A highlight of this jaunty cop comedy’s first series was the Halloween special, which saw Andy Samberg’s childish detective Jake Peralta finally get one over on the dour and masterful Captain Holt (Andre Baugher) with a double-bluff bet to steal his medal of honour. Now it’s round two – and Holt isn’t messing around this time.

Revisiting such a successful premise could be risky, but B99 manages to pull it off with some more fun misdirection and reimagining of cop show tropes – and without giving the ending away, there’s a great pay-off to Holt and Peralta’s friendly rivalry.


It's Halloween again, and this time Peralta bets Holt he can steal his treasured watch before midnight, enlisting criminal assistance to achieve his goal. Gina struggles to keep up with her college course, perform a full-time job and attend dance rehearsals - leading to problems both in and out of work.

Cast & Crew

Det Jake Peralta Andy Samberg
Det Rosa Diaz Stephanie Beatriz
Sgt Terry Jeffords Terry Crews
Det Amy Santiago Melissa Fumero
Det Charles Boyle Joe Lo Truglio
Gina Linetti Chelsea Peretti
Capt Ray Holt Andre Braugher
Hitchcock Dirk Blocker
Scully Joel McKinnon Miller
Eric `Fingers' Martin Apollo Robbins
Hank Kevin Dorff
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