Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom

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Series 1 - Episode 1 Spring



One scene stands out in this pleasurable look at spring in America’s largest state. It’s not just about the wildlife but human rituals, too, and as we head out with fishermen “long-lining” for black cod, the boat is quietly surrounded by six sperm whales, who proceed to strip the fish off the lines.

Apparently the sound of the winch hauling in the lines is “like a dinner-bell” to the 50-ton whales, and though we barely see them, it’s an amazing spectacle. (Less magical for the fishermen, as we gather in the “Diaries” postscript.) Elsewhere, there are lovely diversions on sea otters, black bear cubs and several billion herring.


Documentary following the fortunes of humans and animals over the course of a year in Alaska, which is by far the biggest US state and still one of the wildest places on Earth with deep forests and vast mountain ranges. The arrival of spring sees Alaska go through a huge transformation as water, light and warmth return, with animals emerging from hibernation and rushing to cash in on the riches of the season. Dougray Scott narrates.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Dougray Scott
Director Jane Atkins
Executive Producer James Honeyborne
Producer Jane Atkins
Series Producer Mary Summerill