Pets - Wild at Heart

Secretive Creatures

Series 1 - Episode 2 Secretive Creatures



A cat uses a human toilet and even appears to be looking to flush it; an adorable puppy is adopted into a feline family, despite his troublesome approach to feeding; and flirtatious guinea pigs chase each other at high speed like a rodent Benny Hill sketch. Brilliant, although don’t start expecting Animals Do The Funniest Things.

While this is slightly less cute and cuddly than the last edition (who knew that fluffy bunnies could be so aggressive?), it’s riveting and very informative. Do you know why horses stand end to end? How long a goldfish remembers? Or how a hamster finds its way back home after a nocturnal expedition?


David Tennant narrates the concluding documentary revealing household animals in a new light, with special photographic techniques showing their hidden senses and secret communication skills. Dogs in Paris use their sense of smell to uncover a very different city, a hamster stages a great escape - then uses its navigational talents to find its way home - and a budgie literally glows as it woos its mate. In Japan, cats display their secret messages, while in Peru, dogs employ hidden signs to communicate across a city.

Cast & Crew

Narrator David Tennant
Series Director John Downer
Series Producer Philip Dalton
Arts Nature