Death in Paradise

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She Was Murdered Twice

Series 4 - Episode 7 She Was Murdered Twice



No chance of guessing the killer based on who the most famous guest is: that’s Michelle Collins as the boss of a travel company, but she’s pale and stiff before the opening credits. Naturally her staff all hated her fiercely, so DI Goodman has the chance to work towards a Poirot-tastic climax where the employees sit shiftily in a circle. Who’s guilty?

Viewers with extensive whodunnit experience should have the solution good and early, so there’s time to check on the newest members of the cop team. Can-do kid JP (Tobi Bakare) is showing Dwayne up nicely, while Florence (Joséphine Jobert) looks like she’s been coolly keeping Goodman on track for years.


Michelle Collins guest stars as a company boss who brings her staff to Saint Marie on an outdoor team-building exercise - although she isn't around for long as she gets bumped off in her shack. Humphrey tries to work out who is responsible - the aggrieved assistant, the long-lost son, the sister whose husband the victim slept with - or someone else. All is going well, until a shock confession brings the investigation to an abrupt halt - and an unexpected phone call from home only adds to the inspector's problems. With Kaye Wragg, Jason Merrells, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Matthew Lewis and Gary Lewis.

Cast & Crew

DI Humphrey Goodman Kris Marshall
Officer Dwayne Myers Danny John-Jules
DS Florence Cassell Josephine Jobert
Officer JP Hooper Tobi Bakare
Annette Burgess Michelle Collins
Sandra Kendrick Sylvestra Le Touzel
Bill Williams Gary Lewis
Dominic Claydon Matthew Lewis
Stuart Howe Jason Merrells
Izzy Cartwright Kaye Wragg
Catherine Bordey Elizabeth Bourgine
Director Richard Signy
Producer Louise Sutton
Writer Dana Fainaru
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