Green Light

Series 7 - Episode 6 Green Light



In the old days, when he was a tragic loner whose wife and child had been murdered, it was easier to defend Patrick Jane against the charge of smugness. Because yes, he does have a tendency to the superior half-smile, emitting waves of self-satisfaction as he floats through cases knowing more than everyone around him about what’s really going on.

And now Jane is happily shacked up with Lisbon, too, he ought to be insufferable, but he isn’t quite. Instead it feels as if the series is coasting pleasantly down its final straight, enjoying a deserved lap of honour. Here Jane helps his stolid FBI boss Abbott out of a tough corner: an incident from Abbott’s DEA past has caught up with him.


A DEA raid at a San Antonio steakhouse goes wrong and Abbott is asked by his former boss Bill Peterson to exonerate his team of blame in the report - otherwise he will expose a past action of the FBI agent that could derail both his and his wife Lena's careers. Meanwhile, Jane builds bridges with Vega by allowing her to speak her mind about his unorthodox methods. Crime drama, guest starring Dylan Baker.

Cast & Crew

Patrick Jane Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon Robin Tunney
Kimball Cho Tim Kang
Dennis Abbott Rockmond Dunbar
Jason Wylie Joe Adler
Michelle Vega Josie Loren
Lena Abbott Christine Adams
Bill Peterson Dylan Baker
Steven Korbell Ross Partridge
Jeff Bordick Chris Conner
Pedro Orosco Jeremy Ray Valdez
Susan Nguyen Sumalee Montano
Mike Milligan Blake Shields
Darrell Gonzales Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
Anita Hammonds Chastity Dotson
Director Geary McLeod
Executive Producer Bruno Heller
Executive Producer Daniel Cerone
Executive Producer Chris Long
Executive Producer Tom Szentgyorgyi
Executive Producer Eoghan Mahony
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