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Series 1 - Episode 5 Crows



Henry VIII is bored and restless; his queen, Anne, can’t give him the son he wants and needs, so his eye is roaming. And, thanks largely to his consigliere Thomas Cromwell, young Jane Seymour never seems to be too far away, casting coquettish glances when the king looks in her direction. Which is often.

Even though most of the episode is conducted in semi darkness (yes, a candlelit drama may well be authentic, but it’s hard on middle-aged eyes) and might even be called “leisurely”, it’s impossible not to feel Wolf Hall’s racing pulse. Events are crowding in on the doomed, increasingly desperate and marginalised Anne (Claire Foy) as Henry (Damian Lewis) tries to come up with reasons to ditch his wife: “I was dishonestly led into this marriage… by spells.”

When he urges Thomas (Mark Rylance), “You must free me… from Anne,” it’s enough to chill the blood.


The Act of Supremacy has declared Henry the supreme head of the church in England, but Holy Roman emperor Charles V and his ambassador Eustache Chapuys refuse to recognise the new title or the monarch's divorce and subsequent marriage. With Anne pregnant and away from court, Henry begins to take more notice of Jane Seymour, whose family enlist Cromwell's help in their dealings with the king - much to Anne's displeasure. Historical drama, starring Mark Rylance, Damian Lewis, Clare Foy and Mathieu Amalric.

Cast & Crew

Thomas Cromwell Mark Rylance
Henry VIII Damian Lewis
Anne Boleyn Claire Foy
Cardinal Wolsey Jonathan Pryce
Duke of Norfolk Bernard Hill
Stephen Gardiner Mark Gatiss
Rafe Sadler Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Eustache Chapuys Mathieu Amalric
Katherine of Aragon Joanne Whalley
Jane Rochford Jessica Raine
Richard Cromwell Joss Porter
Gregory Cromwell Tom Holland
Jane Seymour Kate Phillips
Henry Norris Luke Roberts
William Brereton Alastair Mackenzie
Thomas Wriothesley Joel MacCormack
Thomas Cranmer Will Keen
Francis Weston Jacob Fortune-Lloyd
George Boleyn Edward Holcroft
Sir Thomas Boleyn David Robb
Lord Chancellor Audley Tim Steed
Edward Seymour Ed Speleers
Thomas Seymour Iain Batchelor
Sir John Seymour Paul Ritter
Mary Shelton Hannah Steele
Adapted By Peter Straughan
Director Peter Kosminsky
Producer Mark Pybus
Writer Hilary Mantel
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