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Room 101

Series 4 - Episode 4



Most of us, I would imagine, could come up with more interesting pet hates to share with the nation than answering machines or the M25 – two of the topics here. But guests on this show don’t have to try too hard. However tame their suggestions, Frank Skinner will swoop in with a punchline to make their story/observation/rant look like comedy gold. Or at worst, comedy bronze.

He rides to the rescue a few times as Kelly Holmes, Alexander Armstrong and Henry Blofeld air their grievances. When Armstrong wants to abolish the nothingy days between Christmas and New Year, Frank points out that most people enjoy the time off, telling Armstrong, “What you need is a harder job.”

At one stage he even manages to flirt with Blofeld, which is not what anyone was expecting. One of the latter’s complaints is, exactly as you would hope, restaurants that don’t keep proper powdered English mustard.


Frank Skinner invites another three celebrities to reveal their pet hates in the hope he will banish them to Room 101. Actor, comedian and game-show host Alexander Armstrong reveals how he finds certain cocktail ingredients pointless, athlete Kelly Holmes is fed up of being given the runaround by the M25, and veteran sports commentator Henry Blofeld argues that people talking to him at breakfast simply isn't cricket.

Cast & Crew

Host Frank Skinner
Guest Alexander Armstrong
Guest Kelly Holmes
Guest Henry Blofeld
Executive Producer Stu Mather
Producer Aoife Bower
Series Producer Adam Copeland
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