Birds of a Feather

Tracey's Choice

Series 11 - Episode 5 Tracey's Choice



Dorien's book group discusses Crime and Punishment at the house, which turns out to be surprisingly appropriate after Tracey warns Garth not to lead his younger brother astray. This episode features the return of Melanie Fishman, Dorien's rival from the original BBC series. Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson, Lesley Joseph and Jan Goodman star.

Cast & Crew

Sharon Theodopolopodous Pauline Quirke
Tracey Stubbs Linda Robson
Dorien Green Lesley Joseph
Travis Stubbs Charlie Quirke
Garth Stubbs Samuel James
Melanie Fishman Jan Goodman
Gail Erin Geraghty
DS Barry Farmer Mark Powley
Policeman 1 Jet Summan
Policeman 2 James Merry
Prison guard Julian Rivett
Director Martin Dennis
Executive Producer Jon Rolph
Executive Producer Steve Sheen
Producer Humphrey Barclay
Writer Gary Lawson
Writer John Phelps
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