Series 2 - Episode 3



Andrew Buchan is so good as Mark Latimer, father of murdered Danny Latimer and a flawed but good man who is in danger of becoming lost in the aftermath of the worst tragedy imaginable.

Not only has Mark’s beloved boy gone for ever, but also his life is no longer his own: it’s being picked apart mercilessly by the defence team at Joe Miller’s trial, while his anxious, heavily pregnant wife Beth needs his constant presence and reassurance. Mark, meanwhile, finds solace elsewhere, perhaps unwisely. Poor man, he looks so hollow and adrift.

Buchan keeps everything low key in a performance of real subtlety. Just watch him in an exchange with Broadchurch’s well-meaning vicar, who visits the fractured Latimer household to offer a blessing. “God’s not in this house, surely that’s clear by now,” says the bereaved dad, quietly, powerfully.

It’s another vivid episode that thrums with emotion as Ellie is forced to confront her marriage to a killer.


Hardy faces a race against time as Ellie discovers a startling new piece of evidence, forcing them to reassess their suspicions. Meanwhile, with DS Miller coming under intense pressure from all sides, life for Mark and Beth is about to change for ever. David Tennant and Olivia Colman star in the mystery drama.

Cast & Crew

Alec Hardy David Tennant
Ellie Miller Olivia Colman
Beth Latimer Jodie Whittaker
Mark Latimer Andrew Buchan
Jocelyn Knight Charlotte Rampling
Sharon Bishop Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Rev Paul Coates Arthur Darvill
Claire Ripley Eve Myles
Lee Ashworth James D'Arcy
Sonia Sharma Meera Syal
Maggie Radcliffe Carolyn Pickles
Olly Stevens Jonathan Bailey
Lucy Stevens Tanya Franks
Abby Thompson Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Ben Haywood William Andrews
Joe Miller Matthew Gravelle
Chloe Latimer Charlotte Beaumont
Jonah Nakay Kpaka
PC Bob Daniels Steve Bennett
Cate Gillespie Amanda Drew
Lisa Newbery Eliza Bennett
Pippa Gillespie Hollie Burgess
Andrew Darlington Phil Nice
Margery Knight Daphne Neville
Neil Stanley Adam Leese
Madeline Abigail Hardingham
Katie Stephanie Clift
Clerk of the court Lucas Hare
Director Jessica Hobbs
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Executive Producer Chris Chibnall
Producer Richard Stokes
Writer Chris Chibnall
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