Series 9 - Episode 2 Trespass



At one point in this story, Foyle is called on to resign. And being Foyle, he does so with all the pomp and melodrama of someone announcing they’re popping out to buy a pint of milk. It’s a marvellous scene and typical of the show, which every now and then captures a clipped decency and general stiffness of lip that feels thoroughly 1940s.

Then again, decency is in short supply as an assortment of storylines branch off from an attack on a Jewish student. He’s the son of a shipping magnate, who for some reason doesn’t want Foyle to interfere. There’s a slippery fish at the FO (Alex Jennings); a rabble-rousing politician in Peckham whose rallying cry is “Britain for the British!” (Ukip, basically); and Sam takes pity on a sick boy for whom the NHS can’t arrive soon enough. The complex circuitry of the plot needs a bit more voltage early on, but it builds to a tense climax.


The son of a high-profile Jewish businessman is attacked in the grounds of a university, leaving Foyle to consider the possibility that the attack was racially motivated. Meanwhile, in London, tensions mount as charismatic right-wing leader Guy Spencer is released from prison. But is he being set up to take the spotlight off a dangerous espionage operation involving MI6? Elsewhere, Sam becomes acutely aware of the impact of the war on Adam's constituents as she encounters a young boy suffering from whooping cough. Michael Kitchen stars in the 1940s-set crime drama, with Honeysuckle Weeks and Daniel Weyman.

Cast & Crew

Christopher Foyle Michael Kitchen
Samantha Wainwright Honeysuckle Weeks
Arthur Valentine Tim McMullan
Hilda Pierce Ellie Haddington
Sir Alec Myerson Rupert Vansittart
Elizabeth Addis Hermione Gulliford
Adam Wainwright Daniel Weyman
Glenvil Harris Jeremy Swift
Clive Ord-Smith Alex Jennings
Charles Lucas Richard Lintern
Avraham Greenfeld Finbar Lynch
Lea Fisher Amber Rose Revah
Rabbi Fisher Jim Cartwright
Daniel Woolf Alexander Arnold
Student Jane Sophie Skelton
Ian Hughes Michael Ryan
Gerry Aziz Pushpinder Chani
James Griffin John Heffernan
Robert Lucas Nick Hendrix
Lady Ava Woolf Matilda Ziegler
Sir David Woolf Jonathan Tafler
Graham Barnes Michael Begley
Michael Barnes Oliver Churm
Olga Kowalski Ania Marson
Dr Karen Bennett Poppy Miller
Supt Alastair Johnstone Colin Mace
Patricia Scott Marianne Oldham
Nicholas Green William Postlethwaite
Miriam Greenfeld Yolanda Vazquez
Jack Davey Michael Shaeffer
Amin Al Arif Abas Eljanabi
Passport controller Scott Ryan Vickers
Heckler Josh Moran
Director Stuart Orme
Executive Producer Jill Green
Producer John Chapman
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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