Death in Paradise

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Stab in the Dark

Series 4 - Episode 1 Stab in the Dark

Thu 19 Dec 10:15pm - 11:35pm Alibi


Saint Marie’s police dabble in the supernatural when a businessman is stabbed in the back during a séance. As it’s the fourth series of this sunny bundle of murder puzzles and unspoken love (bumbling detective Humphrey Goodman is still mooning over comely Camille), the killings-of-the-week long ago slipped the bonds of any kind of realism.

But then, Death in Paradise’s many millions of devotees don’t watch because it’s The Wire with sand. They watch because, in the gloomy days of January, it’s a daft piece of escapism. The little team of cops is a man down after the departure of young Fidel, but their stodgy boss, Commissioner Patterson (Don Warrington), steps in as a temporary replacement to investigate the spooky killing.

Mind you, the whole Humphrey/Camille (Kris Marshall and Sara Martins) thing is getting a bit too Niles and Daphne in Frasier. Come on, Camille, you’re an intelligent woman, can’t you see that he’s besotted?


Kris Marshall is back as the British detective working on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie, where the sun shines all day and it seems half the residents are killers-in-waiting. And so it appears with the first case when a plantation owner ends up dead during a seance - although with the door firmly closed at the time and all the participants holding hands round the table, who did the deed? The victim's family are convinced it was the work of a ghost said to haunt the plantation, but Humphrey is determined to find a more rational explanation. Meanwhile, Fidel has moved on, leaving Officer Dwayne Myers holding the fort - and while he is struggling to cope, the last thing he needs is the Commissioner stepping in to help. Crime drama, with guest appearances from Holby City's Don Gilet and former Corrie bad girl Natalie Gumede.

Cast & Crew

DI Humphrey Goodman Kris Marshall
DS Camille Bordey Sara Martins
Officer Dwayne Myers Danny John-Jules
Officer Florence Cassell Josephine Jobert
Zeta Akande Sharon D Clarke
Andre Morgan Don Gilet
Lucy Thomson Natalie Gumede
William Lee Cornell S John
Daniel Thomson Royce Pierreson
Elias Thomson James Wilby
Catherine Elizabeth Bourgine
Commissioner Selwyn Patterson Don Warrington
Director Richard Signy
Producer Louise Sutton
Writer Robert Thorogood
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