Still Open All Hours

Still Open All Hours

Series 1 - Episode 6



The ghost of Ronnie Barker has been a discernible presence throughout this run, so Roy Clarke presumably decided to make a virtue of it by writing him into the series finale.

Granville’s convinced that Arkwright is haunting the corner shop. The till randomly opens and shuts while the lights turn on and off by themselves. But Granville’s not bothered: in a poignant moment he reveals he likes having his late uncle around.

However, the arrival of a glamorous woman (Paula Wilcox wearing a short skirt that sends the coven of Nurse Gladys, the Black Widow, Mavis and Madge into pursed-lip meltdown) makes him look like he’s seen a ghost.


A few mysterious goings-on in the shop convince Granville the place is haunted by Arkwright - but the locals refuse to believe him. That's not the only ghost, however, as a surprise visitor from the past gets the entire street talking. David Jason stars, with a guest appearance from Paula Wilcox.

Cast & Crew

Granville David Jason
Nurse Gladys Emmanuel Lynda Baron
Leroy James Baxter
Large Danish Cathy Breeze
Delphine Featherstone Stephanie Cole
Madge Brigit Forsyth
Cyril Kulvinder Ghir
Gastric Tim Healy
Ashley Nadine Mulkerrin
Mavis Maggie Ollerenshaw
Cindy Misha Timmins
Wet Eric Johnny Vegas
Mrs Hussein Nina Wadia
Linda Paula Wilcox
Director Dewi Humphreys
Executive Producer Gareth Edwards
Executive Producer David Jason
Producer Alex Walsh-Taylor
Writer Roy Clarke
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