Series 2 - Episode 4



There’s a touch of the Thomas Hardy bad-boy about Lee Ashworth, who might or might not be a murderer. He does a lot of moody standing around on verdant hillsides, framed in the golden light of a fuzzy Dorset sun. Mind you, I don’t think many of Hardy’s ne’er-do-wells wore tight-fitting vests.

We’ve already seen the sexual power Lee (James D’Arcy) wields over his seemingly helpless wife Claire (Eve Myles), so it’s not too long before his presence in Broadchurch becomes a cause célèbre.

Though the courtroom scenes sometimes feel superfluous, irrelevant even, it’s still a thumpingly good episode, full of shocks and surprises, one that will leave you giddy with guessing as you wonder just who DID kill that young woman and probably a child in Sandbrook all of those years ago? Ailing, jittery, pasty-faced Alec Hardy (David Tennant) takes Ellie (Olivia Colman) with him as he revisits the scene of his greatest failure.


Hardy faced a race against time as Ellie discovered a startling new piece of evidence, forcing them to reassess their suspicions. Miller is struggling to control her sister Lucy amid family tensions, Alec must confront his demons, and Mark Latimer has to make a decision. David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Andrew Buchan star.

Cast & Crew

Alec Hardy David Tennant
Ellie Miller Olivia Colman
Mark Latimer Andrew Buchan
Beth Latimer Jodie Whittaker
Jocelyn Knight Charlotte Rampling
Sharon Bishop Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Rev Paul Coates Arthur Darvill
Claire Ripley Eve Myles
Lee Ashworth James D'Arcy
Judge Sonia Sharma Meera Syal
Maggie Radcliffe Carolyn Pickles
Olly Stevens Jonathan Bailey
Lucy Stevens Tanya Franks
Abby Thompson Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Ben Haywood William Andrews
Joe Miller Matthew Gravelle
Cate Gillespie Amanda Drew
Ricky Gillespie Shaun Dooley
Tess Henchard Lucy Cohu
Nige Carter Joe Sims
Tom Miller Adam Wilson
Adhika Thusitha Jayasundera
Daisy Hannah Rae
Pippa Gillespie Hollie Burgess
Waiter Brendan Murphy
Clerk of the court Lucas Hare
Director Jessica Hobbs
Executive Producer Jane Featherstone
Executive Producer Chris Chibnall
Producer Richard Stokes
Writer Chris Chibnall
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