Game of Tones

Series 10 - Episode 10 Game of Tones



The Planet Express gang travels back in time to 1999 via Fry's dreams to decipher the meaning behind a mysterious alien melody. With the guest voices of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and comedy actress Sarah Silverman.

Cast & Crew

Philip J Fry/Prof Farnsworth/Dr Zoidberg Billy West
Leela Katey Sagal
Bender/Yancy Fry Sr/Mr Panucci John DiMaggio
Mrs Fry Tress MacNeille
Headless clone of Agnew Maurice LaMarche
Amy Wong Lauren Tom
Hermes Conrad Phil LaMarr
Breakdancing teacher/Shazam David Herman
Yancy Fry Jr Tom Kenny
Rude Boy Kath Soucie
Nibbler/Seymour Frank Welker
Seymour Seth MacFarlane
Michelle Sarah Silverman
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Drama Comedy