High Castle

Series 9 - Episode 1 High Castle



There’s a definite sensation you get settling down for a Foyle. It’s like nursing a tumbler of whisky as you warm your feet by a fire. All’s right with the world. Well OK, in the world of the drama there is plenty wrong, but in those murky waters of postwar espionage, one man walks tall, hat in hand, half-smiling, restoring the moral balance wherever he goes.

Michael Kitchen is still quietly brilliant as Foyle, the conscience of MI5, where his florid boss Sir Alec doesn’t much care for the way he “makes a nuisance of himself” by unearthing inconvenient truths. These emerge from the murder of an academic who has the address of a US oil tycoon in his pocket, leading to a nest of secrets involving the Nuremberg trials.

It’s all wintry, muted and shot through with the moral quandaries that writer Anthony Horowitz likes to weave into plots. There’s also a treat in the cast list: John Mahoney from Frasier plays the tycoon’s bedridden dad.


Michael Kitchen returns to the role of Christopher Foyle, senior intelligence officer for MI5, in the first of three films. Foyle is drawn into the world of corrupt Nazi businessmen when a university professor is found murdered in a London park. When it transpires the victim was working as a translator in Nuremberg, the detective realises there are powerful people trying to conceal secrets from the Second World War. Meanwhile, Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks) volunteers for a risky undercover job, despite being pregnant. Guest stars include John Mahoney (Frasier), Jaime Winstone (Mad Dogs) and Nigel Lindsay (Four Lions).

Cast & Crew

Christopher Foyle Michael Kitchen
Samantha Wainwright Honeysuckle Weeks
Sir Alec Meyerson Rupert Vansittart
Arthur Valentine Tim McMullan
Hilda Pierce Ellie Haddington
Elizabeth Addis Hermione Gulliford
Adam Wainwright Daniel Weyman
Glenvil Harris Jeremy Swift
Andrew Del Mar John Mahoney
Clayton Del Mar Nigel Lindsay
Alan Deakin Will Keen
John Morton Charlie Archer
Albert Morton Rupert Simonian
Vera Stephens Jaime Winstone
Grant Vincenzo Nicoli
Edith Del Mar Madeleine Potter
Nikolei Leskov George Lasha
Hilary Knowles Amanda Lawrence
Viktor Krasovsky Joseph Drake
Horace Chorley Neil Fitzmaurice
Patricia Scott Marianne Oldham
Cyril Richardson Pip Donaghy
Herman Linz Ludger Pistor
Porter Mark Chatterton
Pathologist Paul Barnhill
Doctor Joe Simpson
GI Sean Cernow
Director Stuart Orme
Executive Producer Jill Green
Producer John Chapman
Writer Anthony Horowitz
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