St Hospitals

Series 7 - Episode 1 St Hospitals



By series seven of Peep Show, perpetual man-children Mark and Jeremy (David Mitchell and Robert Webb) had grown up a bit. Well, a very little bit. Well, not much at all really. Life still simply happens to them.

In a whole slew of episodes Mark and Jez cope with fairly adult matters, such as the arrival of Mark and Sophie’s (Olivia Colman) baby. While milling around the hospital Jez meets a comely young woman whose boyfriend is in a coma.

Later we meet once again the thoroughly disreputable Super Hans and Jez tries to impress his new girlfriend at a book group, even though he’s never read a book in his life.


Mark waits anxiously at the hospital for the birth of his child, with Sophie determined to have a natural delivery. Jeremy is convinced he will never get over losing Elena, until he meets Zahra, whose boyfriend is in a coma. Comedy, starring David Mitchell, Olivia Colman and Robert Webb.

Cast & Crew

Jeremy Osborne Robert Webb
Mark Corrigan David Mitchell
Sophie Olivia Colman
Super Hans Matt King
Ben Danny Babington
Zahra Camilla Marie Beeput
Director Becky Martin
Executive Producer Phil Clarke
Writer Jesse Armstrong
Writer Sam Bain
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