The Snow Wolf Family and Me

The Snow Wolf Family and Me

Series 1 - Episode 1



Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan must have nerves of steel. He sits placidly as a yellow-white wolf slinks towards him. This is the first time the young adult has made any human contact. Is he here just to say hello? Or is he looking for dinner?

Buchanan spends three weeks with these wild creatures, learning how they live and thrive in the bleak Arctic tundra. Every morning he wakes to the sound of wolves howling round his tent. They’re not wailing at the moon – the sun never sets during the brief northern summer – but the sound is still spooky.

Slowly, cautiously, Buchanan learns to love this remarkable pack. At one point, three pups poke their noses out of the den. The camera catches them flush in the face, taking their tremulous first sniffs of the world beyond. And it’s adorable.


Part one of two. Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan hopes to get closer to wild wolves than anyone before to discover the true nature of this feared predator and heads to the north of Canada in search of a pack that has never seen people and so has no fear of humans. He begins to gain the trust of an Arctic wolf family and as time passes becomes accepted by the pack, including a female and its three newborn pups, and has some close encounters that reveal a softer side to the animals.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gordon Buchanan
Producer Anwar Mamon
Series Director Anwar Mamon
Series Producer Ted Oakes