Don't Tell the Bride

Kloe & Lawrence

Series 12 - Episode 4 Kloe & Lawrence

Sunday 5pm - 6pm 4Music


Usually I prefer sparks to fly because of passion, rather than the exposed cables on a dilapidated bumper-car ride, but tonight’s episode should teach me not to be such a snob, as Staffordshire pair Kloe and Loz get set to wed.

Kloe can’t picture herself marrying Loz anywhere other than Majorca, which bodes well, as Loz, who “cannot organise nothing”, has 14 grand to spray and his heart set on a fairground-themed do in regal Weston-super-Mare. But whether it’s a Balearic beach or a Yates’s Wine Lodge, who cares about the destination, as long as you’re with the man you love? (Note to prospective suitors/all men: me. I care.)


Kloe dreams of a romantic ceremony on a Mediterranean beach, but her fiance Lawrence has his sights set on a funfair-themed day and she has agreed to hand over total control of the wedding to her other half.