Inside the Factory: Crisps: Crisps

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Inside the Factory: Crisps: Crisps

Series 2



“It’s a crisp superhighway!” yells Gregg Wallace from the depths of the Walkers factory in Leicester.

As ever, he is pulsating with excitement about the task of reporting each stage of a production line, so even a conveyor belt stokes him up. But as well as enthusiasm, Wallace has a way of winkling out the interesting nuts and bolts of making stuff.

Like the fact that crisp packets are filled with nitrogen to make them keep better, (perfectly safe, the factory manager keeps emphasising) or the fact that it takes one potato to produce one packet of crisps. It’s all informative and watchable with a tasty seasoning of science and history.


Gregg Wallace follows 27 tons of potatoes from a Hampshire farm through the world's largest crisp factory as they are peeled, sliced and fried to make more than five million packets every 24 hours. Cherry Healey discovers the special varieties of potato that are grown to make the snacks, as well the surprising ways that brains can be tricked into thinking a crisp is crunchier than it is. And historian Ruth Goodman investigates who invented the crisp - was it the Americans, as is often cited, or the British?

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gregg Wallace
Presenter Cherry Healey
Contributor Ruth Goodman
Executive Producer Alice Harper
Executive Producer Sanjay Singhal
Producer Emma Pound
Series Director Chris Parkin
Series Producer Chris Parkin
Series Producer Amanda Lyon
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