Don't Tell the Bride

Adrianna & Robert

Series 12 - Episode 5 Adrianna & Robert

Sunday 6pm - 7pm 4Music


One hates to be blasphemous, but there is the tiniest fragment of imperfection in this series: why must the grooms go high-concept on the wedding themes? Whatever happened to the classics – spring, autumn, beach, abattoir…? We don’t need fancy dress or frills to detract from the raw marvel of male miscalculation.

Shy Adriana looks forward to an intimate ceremony, while her fiancé Robert, an attentive listener and eager to please, invites hundreds of guests to an ‘African royalty’-themed bash. Will he successfully re-create the Ghanaian jungle in the reception hall? Has he adequately noted the measurements of all eight bridesmaids? What colour will the wedding dress be? It’s exciting, I’m staying out of it.


From picking the venue and the cake to the wedding dress and the entertainment, groom Robert is given just three weeks, £14,000 and the help of his best men to choose every detail of his wedding from start to finish. In a bold move, he's opted for a royal African theme. Will his trusting bride Adrianna be impressed when she turns up on the big day?