Inside the Factory


Series 2 - Episode 4 Bicycles



You may have assumed that Gregg Wallace’s gobby enthusiasm was confined to stuff he could eat. You’d be wrong. He almost implodes with excitement at the UK’s largest bicycle manufacturing factory, where a new, handmade, unique bike comes off the production line EVERY THREE AND A HALF MINUTES. Yes, all right mate, we can hear you.

He calms down a little when he’s got a 1,000-degree brazing torch in his hand, but that’s only because he’s frightened of burning himself. What’s even more frightening is discovering how difficult it is for lorry drivers who are turning left to see cyclists. Not so much a blind spot as a blind zone.

Meanwhile, Ruth Goodman’s history of folding bikes includes the fact that Second World War soldiers parachuted into occupied territory with a folded-down bicycle strapped to them.


Gregg Wallace explores the largest bicycle factory in Britain which produces 150 folding bike every 24 hours and joins a multi-stage manual production line to make his own bicycle. Meanwhile Cherry Healey gets some tips from Cycling Team GB to help us all improve our pedal power, including how lowering your body position can make a 10 per cent improvement to speed and efficiency. And historian Ruth Goodman reveals that folding bikes date back to the 1870s, and how 70,000 folding `parabikes' were manufactured during the Second World War, some of which played a role in the D-Day landings.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Gregg Wallace
Contributor Ruth Goodman
Presenter Cherry Healey
Executive Producer Alice Harper
Executive Producer Sanjay Singhal
Producer Emma Pound
Series Director Chris Parkin
Series Producer Chris Parkin
Series Producer Amanda Lyon
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