24 Hours in A&E

Series 11 - Episode 10



Prepare for one of those stomach-tightening cases, where a blink-of-an-eye accident leaves someone seriously unwell. Tony, 71, fell and hit his head on the kitchen floor while attempting some home improvement. Your heart goes out to his wife when, after being told that her husband has a potentially fatal head injury, she says, quietly, “He was just doing some DIY.”

Elsewhere you’ll feel very sorry for ten-year-old Lucy, who is having constant unexplained seizures. And the “What happened next?” bit is lent particular interest as we wait to see what 23-year-old Charlie, whose face is horribly swollen after he was attacked on a night out, really looks like.


Seventy-one-year-old Tony is rushed to A&E by air ambulance after falling head first onto a tiled floor while doing DIY in his kitchen. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Charlie's facial injuries are treated after he was assaulted on his way home from a night out. A 10-year-old girl, Lucy, arrives at St George's after having seizures for the past 48 hours.

Cast & Crew

Director Sophie Jones
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Producer Sophie Jones
Series Director Alex Sunderland
Series Director Bruce Fletcher
Series Director Jackie Waldock
Series Producer Alex Sunderland
Series Producer Bruce Fletcher
Series Producer Jackie Waldock
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