Forces of Nature with Brian Cox

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Somewhere in Spacetime

Series 1 - Episode 2 Somewhere in Spacetime



This week, Professor Cox takes aim at the big concepts – time and space. To start with that means explaining why, when we live on a ball of rock spinning at 650mph, it never feels like it. That’s an excuse for him to get in a Eurofighter and chase the sunset, travelling faster than the Earth rotates.

It’s good fun, but Cox’s great gift is explanation, making the very complicated comprehensible to dolts like us. While he shows beautifully why, say, there are two tides a day instead of one – using two pebbles on a beach – the film crew delivers lovely footage of a man who surfs a tidal wave on the Amazon and a traditional Sardinian horse race and a Greenland dad fishing in the ice with his son.

In the end, it is unexpectedly touching, too, as Cox lays out snapshots from his life – as a baby, getting married, with his own son – and reflects on how if Einstein is right then the past events we remember and our future are all out there, somewhere in space-time.


The physicist charts the Earth's journey through space, taking to the air in a fighter jet to race the spin of the planet and reverse the passage of the day. In Brazil, a professional surfer rides a monstrous wave surges up the Amazon River, marking the world's constant dance with the Moon, while the harsh winter in Greenland brings opportunity to the Inuit people who live there, and Brian explains how comprehending the motion and speed of Earth brings an understanding of the nature of space and time itself.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Professor Brian Cox
Director Stephen Cooter
Executive Producer Andrew Cohen
Producer Stephen Cooter
Series Producer Danielle Peck