24 Hours in A&E

Series 11 - Episode 11



The scariest cases that the staff at St George’s have to deal with — and the most frightening for us to watch unfold, too — are those when the most serious problems aren’t immediately obvious.

Adam, a 39-year-old bus driver, has a visible injury to his leg after he collided with a car while riding his motorbike — but consultant Rhys is more worried about potentially life-threatening internal injuries. And 12-year-old Tulsi — who hit her head when she fell from a cliff — needs an urgent CT to decipher what’s going on inside her skull.

Fortunately for retired mechanic Ron, his problem is obvious: his hand has ballooned after being crushed between two cars.


Twelve-year-old Tulsi is airlifted to St George's after falling from a cliff near her home in Hastings, and CT scans reveal she requires emergency brain surgery. Meanwhile, 39-year-old Adam is rushed to A&E after his motorbike collided with a car, leaving him with an obvious and painful leg injury, and 70-year-old retired mechanic Ron is treated after trapping his hand between two vehicles while helping his friend fix their car.

Cast & Crew

Director Nicola Barker
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Producer Nicola Barker
Series Director Alex Sunderland
Series Director Bruce Fletcher
Series Director Jackie Waldock
Series Producer Alex Sunderland
Series Producer Bruce Fletcher
Series Producer Jackie Waldock
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