Series 1 - Episode 8



Louis, the Sun King, has purged his enemies, and he’s feeling pretty good about it in another slice of historical hokum. But what does wider France think? “What are they saying in the salons?” he asks an apparatchik. Probably that you should go easy on the conditioner, and you could maybe do with a bit of a trim? Oh, I see, not that kind of salon.

The whole idea was to encourager les autres, to show that the King can be tough and that he’s not just a big sissy. So Louis is feeling bullish and announces, “I want to invade Holland” in the manner of someone deciding on a day out at a wetlands centre.

His court at Versailles remains a snake pit of rancour, with behind-the-scenes torture and even murder most foul. There’s loads of backstabbing and plots against the King continue to foment.


While Louis proposes an audacious alliance with England, along with an unexpected envoy to negotiate it, the normally brazen Beatrice fears her secrets being revealed. The period drama depicting the decadent and turbulent early reign of King Louis XIV continues. Supported by Inside Versailles documentary shorts. Starring George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Tygh Runyan, Stuart Bowman, Amira Casar and Evan Williams.

Cast & Crew

King Louis XIV George Blagden
Philippe d'Orleans Alexander Vlahos
Fabien Marchal Tygh Runyan
Bontemps Stuart Bowman
Beatrice de Clermont Amira Casar
Chevalier Evan Williams
Henriette Noemie Schmidt
Athenais de Montespan Anna Brewster
Rohan Alexis Michalik
Cassel Pip Torrens
Claudine Masson Lizzie Brochere
Montcourt Anatole Taubman
Colbert Steve Cumyn
Sophie de Clermont Maddison Jaizani
Dr Masson Peter Hudson
Jacques Gilly Gilchrist
Louvois Joe Sheridan
Sir William Throckmorten Rupert Vansittart
Director Daniel Roby
Writer Andrew Bampfield
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