The Job Interview

The Job Interview

Series 1 - Episode 3



It’s week three and a little more is made of the hilarious exchanges between the two office receptionists in this fascinating and oddly touching series. Tonight’s candidates revealing a lot about themselves – and the tough modern world of employment – are going for the roles of a concierge co-coordinator at a high-end jet company and the post of a digital marketing manager at Birmingham-based Wowzone.

The fact that most of the candidates for the catering job don’t know what foie gras is doesn’t help matters, but those going for the Wowzone job seemed a more engaging bunch. I was rather taken with Michael the self-confessed “huge nerd”, and Qasim and Ausaf, the Wowzone interviewers who break off proceedings to pray.


Cameras follow 24-year-old waitress Stefanie, 38-year-old Alistair, who is currently unemployed, and Ana, a 34-year-old air hostess from Spain, as they all apply for their `dream job' with On Air Dining, who provide high-end in-flight meals for the private jets of millionaires. Recruiters Daniel and Charlie are looking for a concierge coordinator to manage the needs of their clients from their base of operations at Stansted Airport, and the idea candidate will need to prove their ability to think on their feet. Also hiring are Birmingham-based digital marketing company Wowzone, who are seeking an account manager, and self-confessed `computer geek' Michael, ex-rockstar-to-be Ben, and 27-year-old Anna, who is willing to relocate from London for a new start, are all in the recruitment pool.

Cast & Crew

Director Ian Osprey
Director Dominic Sharman
Executive Producer Lorraine Charker-Phillips
Executive Producer Simon Dickson
Producer Ian Osprey
Producer Dominic Sharman
Series Director Warren Smith
Series Producer Anshu Ahuja
Series Producer Genna Gibson
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