24 Hours in A&E

Series 11 - Episode 7



The most vivid account of trauma in this episode comes not from a patient, but from a doctor. Junior doctor Ashley describes feeling bereft after he was stabbed in the street on the way home from work: “Nobody stopped. People just walked on by.” He ended up getting a taxi and went straight to St George’s for the comfort of familiar faces.

Beth, 68, would no doubt sympathise: she’s broken her leg badly after falling down the stairs, and as her husband died last year, she had to call the ambulance herself. And both 20-something Luke and pensioner Leigh are yet to find that special someone – but they’ve got their fingers crossed.


Beth, 68, is rushed to St George's after falling down a flight of stairs and badly breaking her ankle, meaning she faces emergency surgery and intensive physiotherapy to walk again. Leigh, 67, is admitted with head injuries after being knocked off his bicycle in a hit-and-run incident and medics are concerned he has suffered a severe trauma to his head as he was not wearing a helmet, while 26-year-old Luke arrives in A&E after an accident at work involving an electric saw.

Cast & Crew

Director Ally Roberts
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Producer Ally Roberts
Series Director Alex Sunderland
Series Director Jackie Waldock
Series Director Bruce Fletcher
Series Producer Alex Sunderland
Series Producer Jackie Waldock
Series Producer Bruce Fletcher
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