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The Lone Ranger

Series 18 - Episode 37 The Lone Ranger



Jac prepares to launch the new Digby Stent in a wave of publicity - only to discover someone has stolen the patent for the device. Hanssen tries to handle the setback with diplomacy - but can Jac be as cautious and forgiving? Dom is determined to be the best doctor he can - which proves easier said than done when a new registrar makes his life difficult - and Fletch tries to apologise to Naomi for standing her up on her birthday.

Cast & Crew

Jac Naylor Rosie Marcel
Zosia March Camilla Arfwedson
Dominic Copeland David Ames
Oliver Valentine James Anderson
Mo Effanga Chizzy Akudolu
Adrian `Fletch' Fletcher Alex Walkinshaw
Raffaello Di Lucca Joe McFadden
Essie Harrison Kaye Wragg
Ric Griffin Hugh Quarshie
Guy Self John Michie
Henrik Hanssen Guy Henry
Cara Martinez Niamh Walsh
Morven Digby Eleanor Fanyinka
Isaac Mayfield Marc Elliott
Naomi Palmer Lorna Brown
Deepan Rai Ronny Jhutti
Ade Ladipo Jude Owusu
Clare Fisher Victoria Alcock
Abeni Adebayo Jenny Wambaa
Director Nigel Douglas
Producer Sophia Rashid
Writer Atiha Sen Gupta
Writer Katie Douglas
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