Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch

The Number One Sport

Series 2 - Episode 8 The Number One Sport



The Ramsay family gets into American football, with Jack, Megan and Holly going training with a professional team called the Inglewood Blackhawks. later, they enjoy some cheerleader training with the athletic LA Dream All Stars, and learn how Americans support their teams. Meanwhile, Matilda makes a dinner to celebrate the sport, kicking off with Sloppy Joes and Touch Down Dip and Chips, followed by cherry pie.

Cast & Crew

Actor Gordon Ramsay
Actor Tana Ramsay
Actor Jack Ramsay
Actor Matilda Ramsay
Actor Holly Ramsay
Actor Megan Ramsay
Executive Producer Paul Ratcliffe
Executive Producer Gordon Ramsay
Executive Producer Pat Llewellyn
Executive Producer Hugh Lawton
Executive Producer Sue Murphy
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