24 Hours in A&E

Series 11 - Episode 6



Two patients have the particular misfortune of being hurt while doing something they love: 50-year-old motorcyclist Michelle crashed head-first into a lamppost while riding back from a motorbike rally, while Timothy, 69, collided with the back of an ambulance while practising for a 100-mile bike ride. Unfortunately he had to make his own way to St George’s – the ambulance was already occupied.

Then there’s Eleanor, who cut her finger on a meat cleaver. She’s had bad luck with her fingers, she says, before rattling off the most middle-class roll call of accidents you could imagine: “I once cut my finger while cutting a frozen bagel – oh, and on a butternut squash.”


Fifty-year-old motorcyclist Michelle is rushed to A&E after crashing head first into a lamp-post, with scans revealing that she has broken bones in her neck, arm and shoulder and requires emergency surgery. Timothy, 69, arrives at St George's after riding his bicycle into the back of a parked ambulance, while 33-year-old expectant mother Eleanor is admitted after cutting her thumb on a meat cleaver.

Cast & Crew

Director Ally Roberts
Executive Producer Spencer Kelly
Producer Ally Roberts
Series Director Bruce Fletcher
Series Director Jackie Waldock
Series Director Alex Sunderland
Series Producer Bruce Fletcher
Series Producer Jackie Waldock
Series Producer Alex Sunderland
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