Life Stripped Bare

Life Stripped Bare


Channel 4 has surely struck the outer reaches of its public service remit with this gimmicky (shallow? Exploitative?) reality show where volunteers relinquish all of their “stuff” – including their clothes – for 21 days. So yes, there’s lots of nudity.

The little groups, in Cardiff, London and Manchester, are taking part in a supposed social experiment where, having given up their worldly possessions (which are all in temporary storage half a mile away), they are allowed to bring back just one item a day. So what’s really important to them? And are they really prepared to brave busy main roads and streets in the nip to retrieve it?

The whole thing feels like a massive rag week stunt.


A life-changing experiment for members of three households, who, for three weeks, have all of their possessions taken away, even their clothes, and every single item in their home put into storage. They must not buy or borrow anything, apart from food and drink, and carry on with their daily routine, while choosing to get back one item a day for 21 days. Those taking part include East London fashion designer Heidi, who owns 31 bikinis and lives through social media, and Tom, Andrew and Georgia in Cardiff, who own over 2,000 items and are dedicated socialisers.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer Nina Davies
Executive Producer Will Spokes
Executive Producer Anna Blue
Series Producer Tom Coveney