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History Repeating

Series 30 - Episode 39 History Repeating



It's the 1,000th episode, but there are no balloons, badges or parties. Life and death go on as normal in Holby City Hospital's emergency department. (There's a big "1,000" in the title sequence, though, just so we know a milestone has been reached.)

However, there is a face from the past, someone to give fans their "aww" moment, because Duffy returns, albeit briefly. She and Charlie Fairhead (original Casualty cast members from 1986) have a bit of a moment as they quiver and stare, wondering how things might have been.

Duffy is a midwife, called upon by Elle Gardner to help out in an emergency. A pregnant woman is in a serious condition but terrified of harming her baby and must be talked into treatment to save both their lives. It's a tough story, but there's light relief when Ian the oik runs groin-first into an oxygen canister.


In the 1000th episode of the medical drama, Elle prepares for a busy night shift, but finds her colleagues still resent her for Charlie's dismissal. She resolves to regain their trust, and takes on a particularly challenging case involving a pregnant woman who is refusing treatment that may be urgently needed to save her baby. Charlie is reunited with Duffy, who returns to Holby as an agency nurse, Iain panics as Rita tells everyone they have got back together, and romance blossoms between Glen and Robyn at the mortality cafe.

Cast & Crew

Elle Gardner Jaye Griffiths
Dylan Keogh William Beck
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Rita Freeman Chloe Howman
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
David Hyde Jason Durr
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Jez Andrews Lloyd Everitt
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Lisa `Duffy' Duffin Cathy Shipton
Brian Carroll Matthew Marsh
Hazel Leyton Vicky Hall
Soph Medford Becci Gemmell
Glen Thomas Owain Arthur
Liam Medford Ben Cartwright
Director Sean Glynn
Producer Ella Kelly
Writer Rebecca Wojciechowski
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