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A Lesson In Love

Series 4 - Episode 2 A Lesson In Love



All is not well with detective Kurt Wallander. There are signs that he’s slipping his mental moorings – he’s suffered injuries that he claims were inflicted when he was beaten up. But was he? There are moments too when he looks lost and adrift as he stares into the middle distance.

If you’ve read the late Henning Mankell’s books you’ll know what’s coming, and indeed Wallander himself (Kenneth Branagh) has intimations of his mortality as he fears he is being followed and tricked. Though he can’t say by whom. Irresistibly, his thoughts turn to the fate of his father…

After last week’s sunny South African instalment we’re back in Ystad, Sweden, and the flat, grey landscape that rolls as far as the eye can see. A woman is found stabbed to death, face down in a filthy pond. Her young daughter is missing. It’s mystery that’s full of sorrow.


The detective investigates when a body is found half-buried in a swamp. Visiting her home, Wallander discovers signs of an intruder and that the dead woman's daughter is missing. The return of a lost love distracts him from the case at hand, as he encounters a gang of bikers that have been causing trouble in the area and begins to suspect he is being watched.

Cast & Crew

Kurt Wallander Kenneth Branagh
Linda Wallander Jeany Spark
Lennart Mattson Barnaby Kay
Baiba Liepa Ingeborga Dapkunaite
Klara von Enke Kitty Peterkin
Hans von Enke Harry Hadden-Paton
Hakan von Enke Terrence Hardiman
Tobias Eliasson Joe Claflin
Anita Cecile Anckarsvard
Nyberg Richard McCabe
Jonna Malmberg Marie Critchley
Erik Malmberg Glenn Doherty
Gustav Ericsson Clive Wood
Pontus Ericsson Hugh Mitchell
Stefan Persson Thomas Coombes
Rita Larsson Miranda Pleasence
Dr Oberg John Lightbody
Simona Boel Larsson
Louise von Enke Ann Bell
Maja Hahne Marlene Sidaway
Hannah Hjelmqvist Mia Goth
Fire chief Robin Gott
Waiter Thomas Chaahning
Manageress Karen Gledhill
Street sweeper Felicia Womack
Director Benjamin Caron
Producer Sanne Wohlenberg
Writer Peter Harness
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