Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

Series 4 - Episode 7

Today 11am - 12pm 5Spike


High Court Enforcement Agents Paul and Steve are sent to north London to evict a young Romanian mother who owes £6,000 in unpaid rent, but when they arrive, they discover a family home that is not quite what it appears to be. Meanwhile, in Kent, Brian and Alan turn up the pressure on a debtor who has admitted to owing more than £7,000, but claims he cannot afford to pay up - despite having a garage full of expensive tools. Later, in south-west London, Brian accompanies Delroy as he tries to recover a £400,000 debt from a residential property, and when the pair trace the defaulter to an upmarket cafe, the man in charge lies about his identity.

Cast & Crew

Director Mike Fox
Director David Rea
Executive Producer Malcolm Brinkworth
Executive Producer Charlie Clay
Producer Ginita JIminez
Series Editor Susan Crook
Series Producer Anna Kelvie
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